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Original oil paintings which capture the elegance and shimmer of the natural world.

It’s lovely of you to come and visit, please enjoy looking around. To view each piece, simply navigate using the main menu.



Step into the night and look upon the stars. This section is inspired by the enthralling Cygnus Constellation which is beautifully ethereal and steeped in a rich history of myth and symbolism.


Beautiful, changeable, reflective, fierce and gentle. This element is a source of constant inspiration, wonder and awe. Luminous and soft, black and treacherous, warm as a milky bath or cold as ice.


A small selection of premium quality giclée prints from previous and current ranges.

‘Guest Artists’

Guest artists are regularly hosted in this section, here you will find something a little different, from illustrative work to portraits and photography.

About me


I look for elegance and natural glamour in our world which is why I’m drawn toward scenes and animals that shimmer and reflect and are graceful and fierce.


For me there is no greater sight than water, mercurial and reflective, scattered with sunlit diamonds or crashing and luminous. Or the hypnotising beat of powerful wings at a ponds edge, shaking away shimmering droplets of water into a rainbow aura. There are endless realms of inspiration watching Aqueous scenes and Cygnus antics throughout the seasons.


For previous works, samples, studies and other animals and scenes, please visit my Instagram profile, just search for FloraFauna1971.


If you have any feedback about this site, or would like to talk with me,  I would love to hear from you, you can reach me at




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