Ellisa Hague

Leading a double creative life and fulfilling two passions

Ellisa Hague Original Oil Paintings & Giclee Prints

In one life, Ellisa is a business consultant specialising in Global Organisational Change Management strategy.

In another other life, she is an artist who is having a beautiful time with oil paints.

Both lives are wonderfully pleasurable and fulfilling, each bringing it’s own set of creative challenges and triumphs.

Developing her own painting style has been a priority and Ellisa now focuses on two themes.

fairy tale style original art

Vibrant Fairy tale style imagery which is reminiscent of the fancy and elaborate Rococo era.

Painting in this style allows Ellisa to create art in a looser style whilst still using a carefully planned and researched colour palette.

Original Oil Painting

Ellisa is enthralled by water; lakes, oceans, ponds, even puddles. So it’s no surprise that her other passion is painting Waterscapes.

These paintings are produced in a more realistic style and feature water’s luminous and powerful quality as a foreground feature.

Ellisa is based in Cheshire in the UK and lives with 5 other animals. 2 dogs, 2 cats and 1 husband.

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