Ellisa Hague

Alla prima & Grisaille Traditional Oil Painter

Ellisa Hague Original Oil Paintings & Giclee Prints

In one life, Ellisa is a business consultant specialising in Global Organisational Change Management strategy.

In another other life, she is an artist who is having a beautiful time with oil paints.

Both lives are wonderfully fulfilling, each bringing it’s own set of creative challenges and triumphs.

From an early age, Ellisa was encouraged to be creative and was taught the basics of painting by her mother. Over the years she has continued to paint and in 2018, switched from acrylics to traditional oil paints.

Oil paints really are beautiful, the creamy consistency, bendability and longer drying times give me the results I want.

I knew that using traditional oil paints require a good understanding of mediums and techniques so I spent a long time researching, practicing and finessing different materials and approaches.

I use 2 painting methods depending on what I want to achieve; Alla Prima and Grisaille.

Alla Prima is also known as direct painting and means ‘at once.’ It refers to painting in one application without retouching and is great for when I want to paint without having to wait for layers to dry.

Grisaille is also known as indirect painting and is a more classical approach which involves a grey scale underpainting to help create values. Values are the shadows and light and it’s often very beneficial to work on the overall tone before adding the colour glazes. †

original oil painting

Fairy Tale is heavily influenced by beautiful Rococo palettes, starry skies and magical worlds.

Original Oil Painting

Tranquil lakes, raging oceans, silvery ponds and vibrant waterfalls are featured in Waterscapes

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