Claire Howat Illustrations


The guest artist in April is Claire Howat, an illustrator who began drawing after taking medical retirement due to a spinal condition.  Claire could no longer sit upright because of back pain and sciatica and wanted something to do whilst lying in bed or the sofa, she is a self professed  ‘laid back’ artist.


Using Sanford Prismacolor Premier and Verithin coloured pencils, Claire started following online tutorials and  quickly became skilled at drawing still life fruit, 3D butterflies, birds and flowers and is inspired by anything brightly coloured.  She is also honing her skills and tackling more complex pieces.


I want one!

Claire is selling her drawings (supplied in frames) and also takes commissions for her 3d butterfly illustrations. If you’re interested in purchasing Claire’s work, you can reach her directly at


Take a look at a sample of Claire’s work below, and follow her on Instagram to see her new pieces @clarasketches.






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