Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale inspired
original artwork

Influenced by beautiful Rococo palettes, starry skies and magical worlds.

Fairy Tale is a series of original oil paintings created in luscious, magical colours.

This series comes from pure imagination and is influenced by our starry skies, fairy tales and beautiful Rococo palettes.


Based on the Hydra Constellation, this baby sea serpent hides amongst the sunken roses and gossamer flowers in an emerald pond.

9×12″ oils on smooth Ampersand panel

Cygnus Constellation

Cygnus is a beautiful constellation steeped in a rich history of myth and symbolism.

Each swan painting is based on and named after a key star, Albireo, Gienah, Rukh and Deneb

70x70cm oils on fine cotton stretched canvas


Named after the wolf constellation, Lupus, this gold and blush pink female wolf contemplates the silvery sky.

12×12″ oils on smooth Ampersand panel

  • Lupus wolf original oil painting from Fairy Tale series

Lunar Blue

Cast against a starry sky, a white Ermine, white Peacock and white Moth glow lunar blue under the moonlight.

18×36″ oils on smooth Ampersand panel

  • peacock oil painting
  • original oil painting and print

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