A selection of paintings are now available as premium quality Giclée prints via the Etsy Store ElllisaHagueOriginal

Please visit the store to purchase one of the prints below or if you are outside the UK simply email me directly to arrange an ‘on demand’ print.


Vintage Italy series

If you love the gentle pace and nostalgic essence of ‘Vintage Italy’ then you might love the giclée print series, just released in the new Etsy store.

The series is inspired by warm evening strolls through the streets and by the harbours of Cinque Terre, Amalfi and Lake Como while distant music and happy chatter fills the air.

Whilst each painting is unique, a complementary palette of coral, aquamarine, warm white and cobalt runs through each piece, so they can be mixed and matched.

Aquamarine – Lake Como, Italy

Sway, Quien Sera – Vernazza, Italy

Casa Nova – Scala, Amalfi, Italy

Summer Jewel – Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy



Gilda – 12×12″

From the previous ‘Jewelled’ range, this is Gilda, an adult female King Cobra who has a luxurious tone. Whilst her venom is deadly, King Cobras are super shy and avoid humans.


Debutante 12×12″

An adolescent Mute Swan really knows how to make an entrance. Here she is making her debut, the evening sun lighting up her iridescent plumage and making her shine. Mother nature has dressed this one in her absolute finest.


Lunar Blue – 18×36″ (A1 print)

Giclée Print £70 – due to it’s size this print is offered on an ‘on demand’ basis, please contact directly to purchase a print.

Peacocks roost high up in tree canopies at night but this one has been awoken by a cheeky Ermine in pursuit of a white Moth. Set against a midnight blue sky scattered with stars, this painting is a true lunar blue with tones of gold, silver, aquamarine and emerald amongst the peacocks plumage.

Ellisa Hague Lunar Blue


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