Guest Artists


You can find all of the guest artist pages here, simply expand the section to view each one

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What is the guest artist feature?


I regularly host regular guest artists from various fields, which could be anything from sculpture, crafts, photography, illustration, handmade goods etc.


Please expand this menu to see current (and previous) guests, there is some super talented work on show.


If you are interested in being a featured artist, please email me at for more information.


No fees involved, this is a simple platform for artists supporting other artists.



The artist(s) reserves all copyright and reproduction rights.

Please note: Ellisa Hague Original Oil Paintings and Immensum Ltd is not acting as agent or otherwise and has no financial interest in the works of the guest artists; I exhibit their work simply because I love what they do. Any contractual / commercial arrangement you may enter in to is strictly between yourself and any guest artist.


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