This range has an extra touch of dazzle and is created in a rich neutral palette of precious metal tones;  some have a subtle smattering of  metal leaf or a dusting of sparkle.

Oils on smooth panel (acrylic base) – sizes and prices are for the panel unframed.

Gilda – 12×12″ 

Giclée Print

This is Gilda, an adult female King Cobra whose foreground scales are gilded with a smattering of gold coloured metal leaf to give her a luxurious shimmer (on original). Whilst her venom is deadly, King Cobras are super shy and avoid humans.

Diamond Dew – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £200

Golden dewdrops on a cobweb sparkle like a necklace of yellow and white diamonds.

Golden – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £200

A male mute swan with plumage that has turned golden in the evening sun. With a smattering of gold coloured metal leaf amongst his feathers, he casts a soft warm reflection on the onyx water as he makes his way across the lake.

Arctic Jewel – 12×12″ 

Original Oil Painting £200

Arctic Jewel represents a chunk of ice, lit up by the sun. This painting has a natural softness with warm tones and is smattered with gold and silver coloured metal leaf.

Please note that the image photograph was taken with the flash on to capture the shine of the gold and silver coloured metal leaf.


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