Oils on smooth gesso panel (acrylic base) – sizes shown are for the panel unframed.

Perfect Perch – 12×12″ 

Original Oil Painting £Reserved

With a flash of platinum from the background waterfall, a silver heron patiently watches the softly rippling water from his perfect perch.

Lunar Blue – 18×36″ (A1 print)

Giclée Print £70 – due to it’s size this print is offered on an ‘on demand’ basis, please contact directly to purchase a print.

Peacocks roost high up in tree canopies at night but this one has been awoken by a cheeky Ermine in pursuit of a white Moth. Set against a midnight blue sky scattered with stars, this painting is a true lunar blue with tones of gold, silver, aquamarine and emerald amongst the peacocks plumage.

Swish – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £150

Set in a contemporary pool of copper, gold and jade, this young Platinum Koi swishes through vibrant water whilst sunlight glances off her shimmering tailfin.

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