Petit range

A range of petit paintings 8×8″

Oils on smooth gesso panel (acrylic base) – sizes shown are for the panel unframed.


Ruberries – 8×8″

Original Oil Painting £50

A bunch of red currents backlit by the sun and with a smattering of gold coloured metal leaf that catches the light.

Sundown – 8×8″

Original Oil Painting £50

One of the thousands of beautiful sunsets In our lifetime

Meadow Jewel – 8×8″

Original Oil Painting £50

The simplest things are often the most beautiful. This pure little daisy is dew covered and surrounded by sparkling droplets.

Silver Skies series – 8×8″ each x 4 pieces

A set of 4 original oil paintings £200

  • Nickel Buck: The fallow deer has tones of gold and silver running through his coat.
  • Spun Silver: with a subtle fleck of silver coloured metal leaf amongst his mane, this beautiful white horse gazes across his summery field.
  • Quick Silver: this silver white Bengal tigress is quietly surveying her territory.
  • Wild Pewter: this wild white wolf has gentle tones of silver and bronze running through his shaggy coat.


Good Morning! – 8×8″

Original Oil Painting £50

Petrol blue and amethyst water feature in this morning stroll along a daisy and buttercup strewn towpath.

Dawn Blush – 8×8″

Original Oil Painting £50

Dawn mist and meadow flowers, this is a slightly impasto painting with warm tones of dusky pinks and golds.

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