Morgan Le Fay

Add a dash of sparkle to your art collection with a dramatically lit original fantasy oil painting.

Fantasy, sparkly, affordable

This is one woman who stands the test of time and is popular in both ancient and modern culture.

Dating back from the Copper Age, Morgan Le Fay’s origins are steeped in magic and legend and she has always been portrayed as a supremely intriguing and magnetic woman.

You might know her as Morgana, Morgane, a Goddess, Witch, Sorceress, Priestess or Celtic Queen of the Fairies.

More recently she is portrayed as an evil antagonist in the Camelot court; hater of King Arthur, apprentice of Merlin and coveter of Excalibur.

However you know her, Morgan Le Fay is a woman with many spiritual talents whose origins and background make compelling reading.

She is a goddess of war and death, the cycle of life, growth, fertility and sexuality. She is complex, with a tendency toward violence but with healing powers too. She is a winter white goddess, a moon goddess and an original queen of the fairies (fay).

Look and feel: These paintings sparkle – the hair is dense with silver dust and the glazing gives a luminosity to the skin tones. The wings/cape have a gossamer look, with a slight iridescent blue/green sheen. The effects are difficult to capture in a photograph

Queen of the Fairies

12×12″ oils on panel

  • Chiaroscuro style oil paintings for sale


12×12″ oils on panel


12×12 oils on panel

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