Guest Artists

Portraits, Landscapes, Graphic Design, Illustrations, Photography, Pet Wallpaper

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Matt Smith of MTS Portraits – pet and wildlife portrait artist and illustrator based in the North East of England

Willy K. Wood

Willy K. Wood – Illustration Artist creating thought provoking geometric style artwork

guest artists

Hadfield Arthouse – Portrait, Landscape and Music Icon Artist

the laid back artist

The Laid Back Artist – vibrant 3D artwork of butterflies, birds and all things colourful

north wales photos

North Wales Photos – captures the spectacular Snowdonia National Park and local hidden views

Guacachole Designs

Guacachole Designs – Fresh and quirky Graphic Designer and Illustrator creating unique designs and merchandise

Would you like a no fee Guest Artist opportunity?

Find out more about this completely transparent Guest Artist opportunity. No fee, zero surprises – just artists, creatives and small businesses supporting each other.

What is the Guest Artist opportunity feature?

Guest Artists are set up with a no fee feature page

Each artists is showcased on their own page, similar to a solo exhibition.

Guest pages are an integral part of the main navigational menu

Be seen, this section is purposefully never overcrowded

Work is carefully curated to avoid style conflicts with other guests

A personalised Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy in place

Guest Artist pages are included in any promotional campaigns.

Artists from various fields are welcome, for example:





Handmade Goods

Artists – portrait, abstract, impressionistic, figurative

Small creative business or therapeutic/holistic services.

Is there a cost?

Absolutely no fees for the duration of your stay

no surprises either

Unlike some promotional pages, there are no fees involved for the guest artist.

All I ask is for you to support our mutual creative businesses and help to generate traffic (which benefits you too).

There are a few easy ways to do this.

  • On your website –  simply add the *link of your guest page
  • If you don’t have a website, let people know via social media. Simply use the sharing button at the bottom of your page
  • Or use word of mouth, tell your friends and family about your guest page and ask them to check it out.

Example: Hey, I’m a Guest Artist at and have samples of my work on show, please go and view my page, it would make my day.

How long is the Guest Artist page active?

Guest Artist pages are displayed for up to 6 months so that the content stays fresh (you can ask me to remove your guest page at any time).

Avoiding style conflicts

I hope you will appreciate that only art that is dissimilar to my own work is featured to avoid conflict. I therefore do not accept Chiaroscuro style (high contrast) artwork.

I choose feature artists in the same vein which means you don’t compete with each other either.

For example, there won’t be two separate landscape artists, who use a similar style, in the Guest Section at the same time. Exceptions to this would be artists who use similar subjects but have very different styles, for example a realistic style landscape painter and an abstract style landscape painter.

In Summary

be a guest artist with your own free page on this site

benefit from site traffic

benefit from strategic personalised SEO

get seen – benefit from a section not overcrowded by other work that is carefully curated to prevent conflict with other guests

support the host by adding a link to on your own website (or if you don’t have a website, a shout out on social media or word of mouth).

I’m interested, what next?

To get started with your Guest Artist page, please complete the Guest Artist Enquiry Form

*What is a backlink?

You can do a little bit to support your own and other local businesses and creatives by reciprocating or adding a link to their site onto your own website, this is called a Backlink.

For example in this case, it is the link to your guest artist page added onto your own website.

  • Backlinks improve website ranking which is one of the reasons giant corporations rank so highly on search engines (they have lots of other websites linking to them).
  • The more backlinks a small business has pointing to it, the more chance it has of ranking higher on search engines, this improves traffic, visibility and sales.
  • It’s super easy to set up the link, simply create a sentence about being a guest artist and add it to your website (or send it out via your social media accounts).
  • Or use the example below (please test the link from your own device).
    • Hey, I’m a Guest Artist at and have samples of my work on show. Please go and check out my page, it would make my day.


  • The artist and guest artists reserve all copyright and reproduction rights.
  • Buying an original painting or print does not transfer the copyright to the buyer.

Ellisa Hague Original Oil Paintings and Immensum Ltd is not acting as agent or otherwise and has no financial interest in the works of the guest artists

  • I exhibit guest artist work simply because I love what they do and I believe in small businesses supporting each other.
  • Any contractual / commercial arrangement purchasers may enter into is strictly between themselves and any guest artist. is fully SEO optimised for Google via Yoast Premium.

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