Beautiful, changeable, reflective, fierce and gentle. This element is a source of constant inspiration, wonder and awe. Luminous and soft, black and treacherous, warm as a milky bath or cold as ice.

Sway, Quien Sera – 12×12″

Giclée print

Cobalt water and a hint of a blazing sunset, a wooden boat gently sways in the warm water of Vernazza harbour.

Aquamarine – 12×12″

Giclée print

The waters of Lake Como in Italy shimmer in jewel tones of aquamarine and sapphire while the town basks warmly under the summer sun.

Pure Gold – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £150

Feel the sun warming your back as you sit on a tranquil golden riverbank and watch the birds swoop across the summer sky.

Peridot – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £150

Hear the fizz as these vibrant Peridot waters cascade into a deeper pool of Sapphire.

Sunset – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £150

Just one of the thousands of beautiful sunsets reflected across a still pond.

Perfect Perch – 12×12″ 

Original Oil Painting £Reserved

With a flash of platinum from the background waterfall, a silver heron patiently watches the softly rippling water from his perfect perch.


Swish – 12×12″

Original Oil Painting £150

Set in a contemporary pool of copper, gold and jade, this young Platinum Koi swishes through vibrant water whilst sunlight glances off her shimmering tailfin.





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