Still Life & Objects

Dramatic Breakfast: 12×12″ oils on panel – strawberries in glass bowl

Pass The Salt: 12×12″ oils on panel – silver condiments on antique silver tray

Ruby Platter 9×12″ oils on canvas of tree berries on a silver tray

Old Gold 10×12″ oils on loose leaf canvas – 3 old lemons on a porcelain tray.

Highland Fling: 12×12″ oils on panel – thistles, blueberries and a corn poppy

Country Gems 12×12″ oils on canvas of early blackberries on olive wood.

Burnt Amber: 12×12″ oils on panel – whiskey decanter reflecting sunlight

Crystal 16×20″ oils on panel

Hot Pink 10×12″ oils on loose leaf canvas – a red onion, finished with metallic oil glazes in rich copper and gold.

Basic Flavours: 12×12″ oils on panel – coconut, garlic, shitake mushrooms

Purple Platter: 12×12″ Acrylic/Oils on panel – Fig and Grapes

Coming in to land: 12×12″ oils on panel – a honey bee with hops and a dahlia

Autumn Rubies: 12×12″ oils on panel – Berries

Poppy: 12×12″ oils on panel – dahlia, poppies, roses and hops


Miss Barbara Millicent Roberts: 12×12″ oils on panel – barbie doll in the spotlight


The Calm Before The Storm: 12×12″ oils on panel – Stormtrooper in the spotlight

Board Raspberries: 12×12″ oils on panel – raspberries on olive wood

Chiaroscuro oil painting

The Last Rose of Summer: 12×12″ oils on panel – rose in porcelain vase

Pink Silver: 50cm x 50cm” oils on box canvas – rosehips in antique silver bowl

Soft Silver: 16×20″ oils on panel: peonies and roses in antique silver bowl

Classic Silver: 20×26″ silver coffee set on muslin lace

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